Monday, May 23, 2011

Our review of the Speed and Strength sportbike helmet the Under The Radar

Our review of the Speed and Strength sportbike helmet the Under The Radar

We love the Under The Radar helmet from Speed and Strength and we have been genuinely anticipating the chance to provide you with the following review. For anybody who is in the market for sportbike helmets, then you are going to love the Under The Radar. Read more to find out more!

First up, as we start our report on the Under The Radar you should mention that it's built using the �A.T.P.A.� Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy Shell. It's a pretty significant point to think about when you are purchasing sportbike helmets as it will generally suggest that you are checking out a significantly higher quality product in comparison with other helmets on the market which might be missing this particular vital feature.

Although doing a article on sportbike helmets can be tough because of the wide variety of helmets on the market, there are several qualities that practically everyone will likely agree are crucial. For instance the fact that it meets or exceeds dot and ece 22-05 standards.

We decided on the Under The Radar to examine because there's a �coolmax� removable.

And why else do we believe the Under The Radar shines among the many helmets to choose from? Please read on to find out!

Furthermore, while you are buying a new sportbike, you will love that washable and moisture wicking liner.

An additional pleasant touch is that it also has the �airstrike� direct course ventilation system. This will make the Under The Radar perfect for riding your street bike. While a lot of other manufacturers of helmets might state they have just what you need, we believe that this sportbike helmet seriously delivers on what it says it does.

So the following is the complete rundown on the Under The Radar: it features the �Lock N Load� Rapid Conversion Shield Replacement System

Purchasing a sportbike helmet doesn't have to be a complete annoyance. Perhaps the above review really helped clean out some of the confusion and offers a better idea of how the Under The Radar is the best choice.

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